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Djinadon wants to create a forum where there is scope for meaningful music making in a climate that promotes genuineness, community and individual development in a collective environment. To accomplish this, we start a school, "Djembé Koro" (old djembé). The education is based on the traditional idea of what apprenticeship means in a ancient context. The red thread in pedagogic is the practice and knowledge inspired by the ancient philosophy of what djembé means in the village-cultures in the origin village communities of southeast Mali and northwest of Guinea (the malinké-region of Hamanah). 


We will invite guest teachers and old djembémasters, musicians and dancers from West Africa.The education project Djembé Koro will involve 6-8 students per year that will live at the schoolarea in the swedish village Uddebo. The spirit of the apprentice who want too join Djembé Koro because it is made for the students who are deeply dedicated too investigate the discipline of the drum in a more strict sence were the poetic mindset for studying the basics of the djembéculture is a rich extraordinary experience.


The school will also be a breeding ground for genre-breaking art, music, dance, film and educational projects. There will always be a connection too movement, dancing, singing, 

tribal art and philosophy. Our vision is too have a group of artistic people strongly dedicated too a artistic discipline. This qualities are presented in the project: "Native Art Collective in Uddebo".

'Fabian Hildebrand is the initiator and founder of Djinadon. He has studied for and practiced djembé for over 20 years. The teachings he studied and delved is the bases and traditional forms of Malinké music, with help from teachers settled in West Africa and also in Europe. Fabian has participated in Germany, Denmark, Japan, Poland and USA. Since 2001 he been leading regular weekend and intensive courses in various locations in Sweden. Fabian has in recent years been freelancing as a guest lecturer in schools as: Fridhems Folkhögskola, Skurup Folk High School and the Music Conservatory in Malmö. 


Through the djembé apprentice project Fabian takes it one step further, and creates a forum for basic studies of Malinké Djembé in a more original form of learning do too create similar circumstances in general learning situations in Mali and Guinea; where the music is passed directly from teacher to student based on a "traditional" form that is -in many aspects- a educational form that doesn´t get support enough or are forgotten in the western societies and education today.

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